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Fulfilling dreams through music

This year, we are thrilled to announce our 2018 scholars! We are proud to be honoring the memory of Mary Foege, a former educator and choir director to keep children in the performing arts. We  also thank Ted Brown Music, a local Pacific Northwest business dedicated to music education, as well as supporters like you that allowed us to grant two applicants our instrument grant. With your financial support, we were able to address income inequality in local Washington music classrooms and we could not have achieved this goal without you.

Daniel Hoover

Daniel is a band member of the Cedar Valley Elementary 6th grade band. Daniel found his love for the trumpet by listening to the film music of John Williams. Daniel shared that he has a quote from Williams that gives him inspiration. “So much of what we do is short lived and quickly forgotten, even by ourselves, so its gratifying to have something you have done linger in peoples memories.” Daniel goes on to say that many things happen and we don’t remember them, but playing music makes me happy as I know I am giving others and myself memories that will last. Not only does Daniel have a love for music, but he has a heart for giving back to his community. Daniel is an active volunteer at his school as a safety patrol member, computer lab assistant, library assistant, assisted the Kiwanis sponsored food backpack program that assists low income families with food for over the weekend, and as a tutor for the beginning band program at his school. Daniel reflects on his service to others that he learned how to encourage safety, fun, and education. and learned how to teach, not just tell, how to give up things for myself to help others, and how important organization and discipline can be. Without having an instrument of his own, Daniel was not sure how long he could stay in band, and was worried that this year may be his last. Daniel states “Ever since I picked a trumpet up, I always wanted one to call my own. Owning my own instrument would mean the world to me and would open up a path to playing music for the rest of my life.”

Zach Tweedy

Zach was excited when he heard that he could be in a band in the 6th grade. Zach’s band director, Claire Waistell, states “Ever have a student who chooses to practice during every transition? Ever had a student who is friendly, kind and generous? Ever had a student that you thought must simply leave their flute assembled because there is no way they could have done it that fast to start warming up? This is Zach.”

Zach volunteered his time as a tutor at the Delridge Community Center to help younger students with their homework. Zach states that kindness begets kindness. Zach has a personal motto that he uses to seize each day, “Self-discipline is the key to success.” Zach States that this philosophy gave him the motivation to work hard and to strive through what he thought was incapable at, then to overcome said obstacles.

Mrs. Waistell goes on to say that Zach is inquisitive and always wants to become a better musician and that Zach is very open and accepting of others, to assist them to become better musicians.

Zach is moving up to high school next year, and is excited every time he plays his music. He looks forward to taking his skills he learned in middle school to the high school level in music, and is thrilled he now has an instrument he can call, his own.


Continuing Support

You can continue to be a positive impact in a child’s life through making a financial gift to our foundation below. We thank you for your support and look forward to working together in efforts to ensure all children have the ability to participate in their schools music programs. All funds raised go directly towards the purchase of musical instruments.

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