Our 2016 Applicants

This year, we are thrilled to announce our 2016 scholars! Thanks to supporters like you and from a sponsorship by Ted Brown Music, we were able to grant three applicants our instrument grant. With your financial support, we were able to address income inequality in local Washington music classrooms and we could not have achieved this goal without you.

Wyatt Loranger

Wyatt is a member of the Decatur Honor Society, and has had community services through this organization that collected food and supplies for homeless and low income families which was then donated through various local charities. Wyatt receives his inspiration to excel at all things through a quote from the cross country runner Steve Prefontaine ““To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift.” Wyatt states, “Even if you fail, if you gave one hundred percent effort in what you did, you made good use of the Gift, and that means everything to me since it applies to everything in my life; school work, music, sports and so much more.” Even Jeff Chang, Wyatt’s band director takes note of his dedication. “Wyatt’s passion and dedication for music continues to impress me.  Wyatt is busy with Cross Country, basketball and school.  But he would never miss an after school band rehearsal.  Many times he would come to a marching rehearsal directly from a Cross Country meet in his uniform, not having time to eat or change.” – Jeff Chang. Wyatt is also noted as the most improved musician at the school, and that the daily practice after school has aided his success in music. All of these accomplishments didn’t come from Wyatt’s raw talent, they came from his dedication and attitude.  Jeff states that Wyatt “has the best work ethic I have seen in my 10 years of teaching.” Wyatt states, “Receiving a new horn would not only be beneficial to me, but also to my band. The horn that I am currently using is an old horn that has belonged to the school for many years and has definitely seen much better days.”

Name Undisclosed

Meridian Middle Schools recipient is a student that seeks to support others over herself. This recipient has served her community over seven years in the Girl Scouts and over 70+ hours at a clothing bank to assist those in need of attire. Holly Moses, the band director at Meridian Middle School, notes that the recipient has been “The most dedicated flute player since the 5th grade and that the recipient takes their instrument home to practice daily.

Justice Nguyen

Justice, one of our 2016 scholars, was described by his band director as a student with exceptional work ethic, and a model for courage and kindness in the classroom. Justice takes on a leadership role in the band and works with the new students to help them achieve concepts that may not be easy to understand. Justice also takes music to the next level by composing his own works and  is a student that delves deep into the subject being taught through music. Justice has a focus of tutoring individuals in music as well as the subject of math as his focus for serving others above himself. Justice states receiving a flute would benefit him by giving him more responsibility, and allow him to practice and perform during the summer.

Continuing Support

You can continue to be a positive impact in a child’s life through making a financial gift to our foundation below. We thank you for your support and look forward to working together in efforts to ensure all children have the ability to participate in their schools music programs. All funds raised go directly towards the purchase of musical instruments.

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Privacy Statement

To ensure the safety of our recipients, we have parents and students sign a privacy form to ensure all feel comfortable with our PR policies. Thus, there may be certain details missing from our press releases.

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