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Thank you for your interest in our mission to ensure equal access in music education to low income families. We are seeking volunteers to make our first board of directors in our first steps to become 501(c)3 certified by the federal government. We have six positions open for this board which will report directly to the Founder/CEO of The Newcombe Foundation.

Job Position Details
Our legal chair will be responsible for ensuring that the foundation is aware of all laws applicable to running a non profit which include any state and federal laws associated with employment law, operating law, and financial laws. State board certified lawyers with experience working with start up non-profits is preferred.
Our PR/Media chair will be responsible to ensure a strong web presence as well as working directly with our sponsors to build strong and lasting relationships to ensure longevity and ability to expand our foundation. This chairperson will also be required to have knowledge in social media, and to posses graphic design software. Applicants with prior work in graphic design, public relations, and social media is strongly preferred.
Our Fundraising Outreach Chair will be responsible for initiating strong and lasting relationships with corporate and individual investors into our program. This chairperson will also develop ideas for fundraising efforts and implement them. Applicants with prior work in leading/designing successful fundraising campaigns is strongly preferred.
Our event coordinator will be responsible to create engaging events tied to our fundraising efforts to bring revenue into our foundation for our grant process. The person hired for this position will work closely with the Fundraising chair to ensure events are geared to raise funds for the demographic targeted for each event. Applicants with 3 or more years coordinating successful events with high turnouts and the ability to manage an event team is strongly preferred.
Our financial advisor will be responsible to ensure all documentation of donations and expenses are logged and prepared for taxes. Our financial advisor will also be responsible for preparing all tax forms are complete and ensure that the foundation is in compliance with all state and federal laws tied to finance. The financial advisor will receive all receipts within 24 hours of all expenses and raised funds to keep records of our progress, and to posses graphic design software. Applicants with 2 years as a CPA are required for this position.
Our business advisor will assist the Founder/CEO on current business trends and advise on ways to improve all general aspects of a non-profit. Applicants with a bachelors degree in business or higher and applicants with experience working with non-profits is preferred.
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