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This year, we are excited to share some personal stories of overcoming adversity and instruments in disrepair. Thanks to supporters like you and from a sponsorship by Ted Brown Music, we were able to grant three applicants our instrument grant and we are excited to share a bit about these wonderful students. With your financial support, we were able to address income inequality in local Washington music classrooms and we could not have achieved this goal without you.

Hayden Beaulieu

Hayden, our honorary musician this cycle, has overcome great adversity to achieving his dream becoming a professional musician. Hayden also says that he turns to music when he is going through hard times. It is these hard times that has spoken to us so dearly and we could not be more proud than to grant a trumpet to Hayden so he can pursue his dreams. Hayden’s mother ended up selling his trumpet to support the family, which left him unable to do the very thing that gave him the spark of joy and life he had with music. He also found himself without a home and was forced to live more than 2 hours away from his school and band. He then asked his director if he could play a school trumpet and then had to figure out how to ride a city bus over 5 hours a day so he could play in band. Hayden is inspired by great musicians such as Miles Davis and this gives him the idea of the sound he wants to have and achieve when he practices. Hayden has a strong affinity for Jazz in which one can “express virtually any emotion with a bebop line.” Hayden says that he “can’t describe how jazz makes him feel because it can make him feel EVERYTHING.” Hayden is also a strong leader in his school and is a part of the leadership committee at Olympic Middle School in which he assists in running assemblies, dances, and helping coordinate events such as the annual food drive. Hayden also has taken the initiative to learn more about the arts by joining the drama club. We truly believe that Hayden can do great things and we look forward to his brighter future in which we are quite sure music will play a significant part.

Name Undisclosed

Meeker Middle Schools recipient was performing on a clarinet provided by her school that was playing constantly a half step off and could not afford to purchase one of her own. Carol Brewster, the band director at Meeker Middle School stated that their recipient is one of their strongest players which takes a leadership role within the band to assist others in learning their parts. Meeker Middle Schools recipient said she was inspired to pick the clarinet due to the tone quality and the range the instrument has over other instruments. She volunteers her talent with her church band while ensuring her academics stay sharp. She has received a 3.9 GPA and has attributed her successes in academics to learning music as an instrumentalist. Receiving an instrument from The Newcombe Foundation allow Meeker Middle School’s recipient to practice over the summer, share her talents with family members wherever she goes, and allows her to take her skills as a clarinetist to the high school level as a musician.

Alejandra Alvarez

Alejandra is inspired to play the trombone from the magnificent sound and the ability to soar over the rest of the instruments in the band. Alejandra takes her skill and helps the beginning trombones in the band program at Totem Middle School to improve their ability to perform on the trombone. Alejandra’s favorite quote is: “You don’t choose to play a trombone, it chooses you. It’s a loud, extroverted instrument that makes everyone sit up and take notice.” – Simon Hogg. Alejandra says this quote speaks to her so powerfully because she is shy, but when she performs with her trombone, she is able to communicate her ideas more clearly. Having her own trombone allows Alejandra to continue music wherever she goes to school and looks forward to each day she is in band.

Continuing Support

You can continue to be a positive impact in a child’s life through making a financial gift to our foundation below. We thank you for your support and look forward to working together in efforts to ensure all children have the ability to participate in their schools music programs. All funds raised go directly towards the purchase of musical instruments.

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