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Our non profit shall remain open for the next three years. I am personally funding one instrument for a kid in need out of my own funds each year left in business. Together, we can reach more kids! It generally costs around $1000.00 for a new quality instrument or $600.00 for a used quality instrument. If you are interested in donating to support more kids getting instruments, please donate at http://thenewcombefoundation.org/how-to-give/. The Newcombe Foundation is a non-profit corporation (WA state) that does not have its 501(c)3 status, meaning there is no tax deduction available for donations.

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Christopher Newcombe

Christopher NewcombeChristopher Newcombe is a Washington state music educator that has done clinicians across the state, including an extended stay at Bainbridge High School and Stadium High School. Christopher works tiredly to ensure all children have access to the performing arts if they desire to. Christopher also served in the US military.View all posts by Christopher Newcombe »