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Flyers are now live!

We are pleased to announce our official 2015-2016 year flyer for our grant process. Last year, we received many applications, and we want to ensure you have the necessary tools to be successful in receiving our grant, and wanted to give pointers for any type of scholarship or grant you may be applying for. These tips provided below will help you become more successful when applying to your desired university, as well as to apply for much needed scholarships and grants that are out there to pay for post-secondary school, if you desire to continue your education.

Successful Tips to Improve Chances at Receiving a Grant:

  1. Letters of Recommendation: Having a teacher, official, or those that can speak to your character, and can speak volumes on why it is important for a organization to award a grant to you is very important.
  2. Be Thorough: Ensuring that the application is complete prior to hitting the ‘send’ button is important! Try writing out your responses in a word document prior to submitting the official document. This way you can have friends, parents, and a school official help you write a clear, and well polished document.
  3. Get Involved With Your Community: Being a part of something greater than yourself, and creating a better and brighter world around you is something almost all organizations are seeking when an application comes through.
  4. Speak From The Heart: The most successful recipients of any type of grant are ones that can express why receiving that grant is important, how not receiving the grant would impact you, and reflecting on the essay questions have meaning to you.

The application process for The Newcombe Foundation instrument grant opens January first and closes May first. We wish luck to those who apply!

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