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First generation American able to live her dream

Helen, a first generation American 7th grader from Mexico always had a love for music. Her family, who moved to Washington always cherished music and wished they could afford to allow Helen to perform music on her own instrument. Helen has been a part of Sylvester Middle Schools music program and has rented an instrument from the school. But due to instrument policies, Helen would not be able to practice at home during the summer. Helen has inspirations to continue music in college and aspires to become a professional flute player. Helen is also the first in her family to play a musical instrument and always looks forward to practicing her instrument and performing in band each day. Having received a flute from The Newcombe Foundation assists Helen in achieving her dream and being able to take pride in her accomplishments as a musician.

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Christopher Newcombe

Christopher NewcombeChristopher Newcombe is a Washington state music educator that has done clinicians across the state, including an extended stay at Bainbridge High School and Stadium High School. Christopher works tiredly to ensure all children have access to the performing arts if they desire to. Christopher also served in the US military.View all posts by Christopher Newcombe »