What is The Newcombe Foundation?

The Newcombe Foundation is an organization which helps students in grades 5-11 within a public school district in the cites of Federal Way, Seattle, Auburn, Tacoma, Kent, or Des Moines, WA, obtain musical instruments if they are unable to afford them on their own.

Do we offer scholarships and fellowships for higher education?

We do not offer services for higher education, but the Charlotte W Newcombe foundation does. Please click this link to be directed to their organization.

Is The Newcombe Foundation a 501c3?

We are currently working on filing our for 501c3 status. However, we are considered a non profit corporation in the state of Washington. To learn how you can help, please visit How To Help.

How can I support kids seeking a music education?

We are currently able to accept financial investments through pay pal by visiting our Individual Investor page. If you are a business, organization, charity, or non profit, you can partner with us by visiting our Sponsor page.

Do I qualify for a new musical instrument?

In order to qualify, the parents or guardians of the recipient must meet certain financial requirements. In addition, any emancipated minors would also be allowed to apply if they meet the financial requirements. To view our requirements, please view them here.

How many applicants are awarded each cycle?

One qualified recipient who applies is guaranteed an instrument, though we usually are able to provide an instrument to 3 students each year.

How is the foundation funded?

We are funded directly from members of the community through financial gifts and corporate/business/organization partnerships.

Does The Newcombe Foundation offer clinics for music programs?

We infact offer clinicians free of charge for middle school and high school programs within the cities of Federal Way, Auburn, Tacoma, Kent, Des Moines, and Seattle.

What type of instruments does The Newcombe Foundation Provide?

We provide student model instruments which are either new or used gifted instruments that are in the string, woodwind, or brass family for traditional wind or the standard orchestra.

We specifically grant instruments that are either violin, viola, flute, oboe, B-flat clarinet, alto/tenor sax, horn, trumpet, or trombone

How do I apply for a new musical instrument?

To apply for our instrument grant, students must submit an online application. Click here to be redirected to the page.

When can I apply for a new musical instrument?

Students may apply between the months of January until May first at midnight. All applications will be reviewed and announced no later than June, so students can prepare appropriately for the following school year.

 I am a band/orchestra director. What must I do for my student?

The band/orchestra director would submit a letter of recommendation that states in detail why you recommend your student for our instrument grant. This must be on the schools letterhead and to be signed/submitted into the application your student submits.

Do you rent instruments?

We do not rent instruments, since we are striving to provide new instruments to students for them to keep and call their own.

Do you repair instruments?

We do not repair instruments, though we suggest you to find a quality instrument repair shop near you.

Do you offer instrument accessories?

We do not offer instrument accessories, though we suggest you to find a quality music store near you.

How do I stay up to date with news about your organization?

To follow news about The Newcombe Foundation, we encourage you to sign up for our email newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Also, check back regularly to our website.

Will The Newcombe Foundation be expanding into other areas?

We are hopeful that The Newcombe Foundation will have the opportunity to grow into other cities, especially throughout Washington State.