Our Mission

Every child should be given an opportunity.

To provide rich performing arts experience to children in the greater Seattle area without limits of income, race, ethnic background, or identity.

Why we focus on music for low income students


The Newcombe Foundation was founded by Chris Newcombe, while a undergraduate student at Washington State University.

During his studies, Chris was given the opportunity to participate in a class study in which he visited a school in Federal Way, Washington. This assignment turned out to be more than another project to earn college credit. Instead, it became a dream and mission for Chris.

While at the school, Chris met a young student who was interested in taking a band course. The student explained to Chris that he was unable to take the course, because his family could not afford the nominal monthly music rental fee for a used instrument.

As a music student himself, who has struggled with various adversities, Chris saw this as an opportunity to create a program to help students like the one he met that day. He saw a need to create a program where any student would have the chance to not only participate in music classes, but to do so with a brand new instrument they could call their own.

About the Founder

Christopher Newcombe

Chris Newcombe is a music educator in the state of Washington who is requested as a performer across the state, and is also a United States military veteran.

After graduating high school, Chris joined the Navy as a jet engine mechanic. Chris had always had music as a large part of his life and even attributed it to his skills as a jet engine mechanic, saying that he could hear sounds that others couldn’t because of his musical background. A few years into his military term, he was badly injured when he fell off of a stationary aircraft. His injury affected his motor skills and also left him learning disabled. He was told he would most likely never be able to play music again. Instead of giving up on his musical passion, Chris took this news as a challenge and rehabilitated himself as a musician to be considered one of the top 10% of all undergraduate level musicians at Washington State University.

More than anything, Chris has a love for music and realizes that everyone faces different adversities in life. This is why he believes in The Newcombe Foundation and the mission of the organization. He believes that all students, regardless of their challenges (whether financially or otherwise), deserve to learn music. He has also seen how music can aid in life outside of musical classes, with general problem solving, and science and technology.

It is Chris’s dream that The Newcombe Foundation will irradiate income inequality in the music classroom by allowing students who wish to play a musical instrument a chance turn their musical aspirations into reality.