Going Purple

We feel quite strongly that if we all focused on positive messages, and support of those from diverse backgrounds, we become a better, well rounded society. It is no surprise with our mission to allow all children an ability to be in a music program, that we support the spirit day movement. This movement was created in response to the suicides of children because of bullying. Let us all work to create a more safe, supporting, and of course, more musical world for our future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grant musical instruments to students in grades 5-11 who cannot afford them, prepare‬ children with college skills in writing scholarship applications, and get them involved‬ in their community‬.

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Our Founder

Chris Newcombe is a WSU student studying music education and a United States military veteran. He has overcome adversities to continue pursuing his musical dreams and to help others pursue theirs.

Changing Lives Through Music

Thanks to your generosity, children are able to stay in music with an instrument of their very own. Check out the stories of our scholars today!

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Help Our Cause

Learn how to help our cause by becoming a financial investor or by gifting your time or services.

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For Students

Learn more about the application process and how you may qualify for a new musical instrument.

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We believe that all children deserve to have an education in music.

Unfortunately, we realize that this is not a financial possibility for many students in Washington state.

Because of this, we help students who cannot afford musical instruments to acquire brand new ones so they may begin their musical training.

We realize the benefits a musical education can provide to students and are trying to make it possible for students to attain this training through their schooling curriculum by granting musical instruments. Your financial contribution allows us to purchase musical instruments we then grant to our recipients.

Our Sponsors

Ted Brown Music
We are a non profit corporation operating in the state of Washington.